An amazing soccer experience, legend in his own way. glad you’ve decided to impact your immense knowledge to the kids.

Offei Stephen

Oh my God! It been almost a month since I signed my now 10yrs old son. The incredible improvement is beyond my expectations. His passion for soccer has grown more his skills and performance is unbelievable. I strongly recommend oko soccer.

Ange Raji

Beautiful program for the kids with good experience coaching, great fun for the kids and for parents

Mimo Mimizo

They have incredible experience in soccer and an amazing team that takes the kids through their drills patiently and professionally

Albert Amankwaa

Overall fantastic experience with coaching which is at a very acceptable standard making not only place to learn about soccer but to also have fun and build social skills with others too

Napoleon Black

Oko Soccer has not only coached and enhanced my sons soccer skills but also contributed to their intrinsic desire to perform and achieve their own personal goals. Motivation, confidence and performance have exceeded expectations. We always anticipate a happy training experience which is fulfilled each and every time with Oko Soccer. Thank you Coaches. We highly recommend Oko Soccer Coaching.

Narelle Spendlove

Our son absolutely loves OKO Soccer. The coaches(mentors) are very talented, flexible, encouraging, approachable, caring, patient, and supportive. The kids not only have fun playing soccer but they also incorporates soccer skills and techniques into his program. Coach Jay not only teach our son to become a better player but to become a kinder and respectful player as well

Victor Roldan

Great coach’s ! Super friendly. Concentration levels and skill levels have taken off with this great training. Teaching the importance of focusing while still having a lot of fun!!!

Phil McIlree