Perth’s most prestigious celebrity barber and influential business owners Kwesi Brown better known as “PERFECT” – A high end self taught barber who takes his passion for hair and music production to the next level.

People come from far to be perfected at “perfect barber shop” and “perfect hair studio”.

He has taught and influenced many of the barbers you see around Perth and loves to see them take what he has taught them and pass it on to others. A selfless human with a big heart who always strives to show empathy and compassion in the community. Always staying in a positive mindset and bringing happiness to everyone around him, Perfect has supported OKO Soccer Academy since the beginning, motivating us and the children to push forward and never give up.

From OKO Soccer and all the children we thank Perfect for his kindness and unconditional support we are proud to call you family . we cant wait to work further with you in the future and more importantly get you on the pitch!!! Let’s kick some goals together