Why Choose Us

After 15 years experience our head coach Samadu Okocha Awudu (jay) has researched, played and developed unique soccer programs that deliver performance improvement. There are additional modules to the method that makes OKO Soccer Academy a complete training and coaching academy. These include:

  1. Specialised 1ON 1 striker training; our head coach professionally played as a striker, with years of experience and a successful career he has mastered the striker position.
  2. Player & coach relationships; our coach’s Focus on positive individual relationships with all players ensuring success beyond there record on the field. This allows players to achieve goals and improve self development.
  3. “Practice makes perfect” we allow 16 sessions per 8 week program per term along with holidays programs and optional specialised 1 ON 1 sessions. This provides our coaches with the time to correct and teach players soccer technic and provides real value for money.
  4. Our coaches are experienced and have had successful careers playing around the world.
  5. Fun filled environment! All our players agree the program is fun and they enjoy the training; happy kids happy parents
  6. Our academy is inclusive we welcome everyone and lead with a positive attitude.

100% Results

Famous Head Coach

15 Years Experience

Happy Kids & Parents

Timetables to suit

Convenient location

Our Head Coach and Founder of OKO Soccer Academy

Samadu Okocha Awudu (Jay)

I am samadu Okocha Awudu professionally know as “okocha* and now know as “Coach Jay” I am the founder of OKO Soccer Academy.

Born 15 September 1984 in Accra, capital of Ghana in West Africa. My passion for soccer started from a young age, playing in the streets as a small child would soon be the start of a career I thought I could only dream of. Years passed and I continued to practice everyday, I was young but I was strong willed and never gave up the opportunity to play. My skill and dedication payed off when at seventeen I was scouted by a German club, so I moved to Europe and started my professional soccer career.

Over the next 15 years I played in many countries including Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Israel and Thailand for teams such as Hearts of Oaks, SC Bregenz, FC Senec and Maccabi Netanya just to name a few, I also represented Ghana multiple times on the national team “Black Stars”, played 2x in Champions League and 2x in Europa Cup. After many years of travel and playing I now speak several languages including English, Hebrew, Slovak and German as well as my national languages. I have a great understanding of cultural communication and maintain an all inclusive attitude.

Soccer is my life, I am lucky enough to share with my family and hand down to my son who is just as passionate as I was when I was his age.

Professional Coaching

I have had some extraordinary coach’s over the years such as Lothar Matthäus, Reuven Atar, Jozef Valovic, Eli Guttman and Eyal Lahman. They helped me reach goals and gain player confidence, through my coach’s I found motivation, support and encouragement. Positively pushing me to reach my full potential, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from people who are very influential.

I have taken all my experience, knowledge, skill and passion for the game and turned it into OKO Soccer Academy where children can come learn an develop in the soccer player they believe in “if you can believe it, you can achieve it” I teach this to my players because it is something my family and I live by everyday it has helped us achieve true reward for us as individuals and as a team.

Henock (Mr H)

Assistant Coach Henock is a valuable member at our Academy the kids love him so much they have nicknamed him Mr H. Sharing his knowledge of the game to the children who strive to learn and improve every session they participate in.

Henock continues to provide his assistance and experience acquired from a period of practical traits in his junior and senior football years in the WA league.

Having played in the NPL at Inglewood, Bayswater and Perth Italia just to name a few. Also learning from successful managers and players, Henock devoirs his knowledge and experience to improve the children at OKO soccer focussing on abilities and self confidence on the ball.